This does not just have to be a one school protest. If you have or are a student that might be interested in starting A Classroom Without Girls in your school, DM me on Instagram or Twitter and I will send you a copy of the poster that I am going to use for my school, and if you need any advice, I am happy to help. 


One thought on “Remember

  1. Haven’t women been fighting against being “seen and not heard” for hundreds of years? Haven’t women fought for the right and ability to provide for their families on their own? Way to be paradoxical. I’m a woman and I find this movement a ridiculous waste of time and resources. How irresponsible you’ve made women look that they are to sit and be silent or not go to work and provide for their families. All the things you claim to be fighting against you are allowing for one day and slapping a “protest” label on it. It’s sickening. Grow up, realize that in the grand scheme of things nobody cares what you think, go to work and contribute to the respectful working force individuals who don’t need to be noticed to be satisfied or feel accomplished. Wait, isn’t that exactly what you hear when there are complaints about women? Needy, high maintenance, and attention requiring- way to live up to your predisposed gender identity. Way to fight….


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